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The SafeBuild DVD series was borne out of a need to provide the Industry with a locally produced Occupational Health & Safety training aide that would assist in educating and informing all persons working in the Construction Industry.

At the start of the project there was no single training resource for the South African Construction Industry. The resources available, focused largely on individual elements of Health & Safety and were imported from overseas where working conditions and legislation were often very different to that in South Africa. These DVD's were often very expensive, putting them out of the reach of the people that needed them most.

With the above in mind, we put together a technical team of experts and sourced a local video production company (Sesalos) to produce the SafeBuild DVD series. We wanted the material to be comprehensive and to be based on local legislation and regulations.

Another critical consideration was to make the DVD available in 5 official languages; English, Afrikaans, Xhosa, Zulu and Sotho. This easy to use facility on the discs enables workers to be able to view and take in the important lessons in their own language.

Our final goal was to make the DVD available at an affordable price. This will enable the greatest possible uptake of the SafeBuild DVD throughout South Africa, which will mean that more workers and Industry Stakeholders are taught how to work safely and how to create a safe working environment. 

We trust that the SafeBuild DVD will assist in lowering the frequency of incidents and accidents on South African construction sites and if just one life is saved through the lessons and guidelines contained in the DVD, we will feel that we have made a positive contribution to the Industry.

A project as large as this one does not happen without the assistance of a number of key people and companies.





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